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Air Conditioning Service/Repair
Minneapolis/St. Paul and surrounding areas.

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Air Conditioning Services: air conditioner repair, air conditioner service and cleaning, high efficiency ac installation, heat pumps, compressor repair, condensate drain lines, wifi / smartphone thermostats, condenser repair, thermostat service, filter replacement, bathroom fans/ventilation

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The Importance of Air Conditioning Maintenance/Servicing

An air conditioning unit is susceptible to wear over time. This can decrease the efficiency of your air conditioning unit by 5% annually. An air conditioning unit in poor condition will consume more energy to function as intended. It is ideal for an air conditioning maintenance to be conducted regularly. Even if your air conditioning is working as you would expect, it is still recommended you still get your AC maintenance done once a year. Dirt and dust particles can collect in main areas of the AC, which reduces it efficiency. Having a professional conduct annual servicing of your AC has multiple benefits. Here is a list reasons why it should be a priority.  

-    Improved air quality
Air conditioning maintenance performed regularly will ensure clean air filters. Your AC unit carries air inside your home daily, which passes through your air ducts, vents, and filters. Over a period of time bacteria, dirt and dust gather within your AC unit, which makes your indoor air quality poor. This can have serious health issues such as asthma, allergies, and lung infection. Air Conditioning maintenance conducted regularly will improve your air quality and will spread clean air around your room. 

-    Increased life span
If AC maintenance is performed regularly, your AC unit will not need replacement. An AMC is very beneficial to ensure that your air conditioner is working fine, as this will also increase the lifespan of your unit in the long run. An AC maintenance professional will fix small faults beforehand. This will also avoid any potential damage in the future.

-    Reduces breakdowns
An AC maintenance expert will help in checking all your parts, clean them, and will make sure that your filters are replaced timely. This will reduce major breakdown or any other air conditioner unit failure.  Admiral is a one-stop-shop for all your AC maintenance and service/repair requests. It even logs when you last got your air conditioning maintenance done and parts replaced.

-    Save energy costs
An air conditioner uses less energy if it is free from clogs and leaks. A regular AC maintenance service will also decrease your electricity bill, which will burn less energy and will further save your money. It will also provide better cooling and airflow.

-    Prevents expensive replacement
A maintained air conditioner won’t require replacement. Replacement of an AC is costly. Therefore, make sure that your AC maintenance is done regularly, which will save these costs and will provide you better cooling. Your air conditioning unit will also last longer i.e. 8 to 10 years.

-    Removes bad air
An air conditioning unit sometimes releases a bad odor in your office or home. This is due to bacteria, fungus, and dirt stored in your AC unit. In this case, you need to call for an AC maintenance expert to check the condition of your air conditioner and free your home from the bad smell.

-    Remain cool
Annual AC maintenance will ensure proper cooling. If the air conditioner breaks down this will make your home environment hot and uncomfortable, apart from the expensive repair costs. Therefore, a yearly AMC will ensure timely AC maintenance and repair.

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